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Blow Job Races : Marquetta & Tim

VMarquetta & Tim

Up and coming pornstar Marquetta makes an appearance with Tim and you can tell she's really excited about sucking. They both think they can put all the other contestants on the site to shame, so let's see just how well they really do together. One thing is for sure: she's not afraid to deepthroat and gag! What a load she takes in her mouth too... See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Autum & Lou

VAutum & Lou

This currently unemployed slut was so excited to be on our website... and did it ever show! She jumped on Lou's dick like she was trying to put out a fire. Her energetic performance was one of the best we've seen from a non-pornstar. Lou made her gag and deepthroat his big cock over and over till he finally busted all over her big titties. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Taryn Thomas & Bryan

VTaryn Thomas & Bryan

More pornstars! This time it's Taryn Thomas... she was on here about a year ago as "Britt" but has since moved on to L.A. and become a pretty recognized pornstar with dozens of DVD titles and box covers to her credit in the past year. Does she like cock better now? Have her oral skills improved? You be the judge! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Alex : Deep Pussy Fisting

VDeep Pussy Fisting

Have you ever buried your fist inside a slut's pussy? You really have to try it some day, it feels great. That's what Sunny and I did one afternoon. We took turns fisting each other and enjoying the moment. There is nothing like the feeling when your whole hand disappears! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Sara Jay & Magnus

VSara Jay & Magnus

We should probably rename this site "Pornstar Blowjob Races"! Again, we managed to pull in a pornstar this week: Sara Jay hooked up with us in Vegas and gave a blowjob to a lucky guy she found at the casino. His huge black dick was no match for her massive tits... she sucked his cock like a true pornstar: with energy and enthusiasm! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Alex : Private Sex Tape

VPrivate Sex Tape

I'm not sure how this wound up on the internet! *wink* This was a private sex tape we made when I was a little tipsy and was servicing two guys I knew from the house party we were at. No professional lighting or script, just us having real live sex while someone happened to grab a camera and catch the action! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Sofia & Johnny

VSofia & Johnny

We keep our pornstars coming again this week with Brazilian goddess Sofia Sandobar. She battles Johnny's cock with ease but lets a few tears flow from deepthroating. Apparently she also loves to play with cum from her mouth at the end too. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Alex : Hole In One

VHole In One

If you play golf, you know that getting a hole in one is the ultimate... so here I am doing my own version of it. I shove a golf ball all the way inside my pussy until it almost disappears! And I almost got it stuck in there too when we were taking the pictures for this... imagine that emergency room visit! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Lisa Sparxxx & Dominick

VLisa Sparxxx & Dominick

Yet another pornstar makes an appearance this week! This time the talented Lisa Sparxxx pulls in a guy off the street for her chance at being the champion. She deepthroats his big dick repeatedly and urges him to cum in her mouth so she can swallow it all after showing us her reward. See if it was enough for a victory! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Genesis Skye & Karma

VGenesis Skye & Karma

We were graced with the presence of LA pornstar Genesis last week. The energy she displayed was unreal and unlike anything we had ever seen on Blowjob Races before! She took a good throat-fucking and did not mind at all when she finally vomited from the brutal deepthroating. She played with her puke a little and took the cum load on her tongue... so hot! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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