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CFNM Max : Nurse Revenge

VNurse Revenge

I found out last week that my boyfriend Barry was cheating on me. That prick. I was so pissed at him that I brainstormed possible retaliations. I really wanted him to pay for what he did. As a nurse, I often gave him routine medical check-ups. He was coming in for a semen sample and I realized it'd be the perfect setting for some good humìlìatìon. I told a couple of my co-workers what'd happened and the idea I had. They were both eager to participate as they know how hot my boyfriend's body is. We were all still giggling in anticipation as Barry walked in for the appointment. He looked hesitant as he saw thethree of us awaiting his arrival."Hey... I thought I just had an appointment with YOU..." He said as he pointed to me.The honeys smiled coyly as I came up with a lame excuse for their presence."You know what? I needed some help... I have to make sure I have one more person here, because if the doctor comes in... and he sees me and you in there...""Uh..." He interrupted nervously. "I can come back...""No no no, honey!" I pleaded. It was clear that he was uncomfortable with the notion as he resisted our attempts to talk him into it. We all became very assertive and finally convinced him to come into the examination room with the three of us. As we entered the room he questioned us with a look of uncertainty on his face."A-are you sure it's okay...?""Yeah" We assured him. "Take off your clothes."We made up a lie and explained the office was out of clean patient gowns so he'd have to shed his clothes."I just have to take off my shirt, right?" Barry questioned.The honeys and I told him since it was a semen sample, it was mandatory that he remove his jeans as well.He wanted to go to the bathroom, but we weren't having it. This was an examination, after all, wasn't it?Tricia began to slip on a pair of rubber gloves, obviously eager to play with my hunk of a boyfriend. He demanded to know what the gloves were for. She assured him they were for hygiene and explained the possibility of a rectal exam. This startled Barry, but after a bit of coaxing we were able to calm him down enough to allow us to perform the procedure. As Barry leaned back onto the patient mat, Tricia commenced in massaging his ball sack, announcing she'd felt something unusual in his testicles."You're going to have to lay on your stomach." She said.It was time for the rectal exam. I quickly grabbed the Vaseline and opened the jar for Tricia. Her fingers dipped into the sensual transparent gel. Barry's ass was exposed to us, I couldn't help but be turned on by the entire situation. As Tricia fiddled with his insides we tried as hard as we could to keep calm. After the rectal exam we weighed him. The honeys couldn't resist, they began running their hands all over his muscular body. Spanking his taught rear like the horny sluts they were. We guided Barry back to the patient mat and had him lying on his back. The honeys wasted no time in lubing up his growing cock.By this time, he'd already succumbed to the multi-pleasures of being played with by three different women. We were driving him insane as he squirmed on the mat, so eager to ejaculate. It wasn't until he was right at the edge of climax that we unanimously decided it'd be the perfect time to stop. Tricia and Sarah made excuses for their sudden departure, leaving me alone with him."Hey!!!" Barry groaned loudly in disappointment as he was left with blue balls."So honey? Anything you wanna tell me?" I asked.He finally confessed he'd cheated and blamed his infidelity on alcohol.Since we were both coming clean, I decided to fess up to sleeping around on him as a method of payback. He and I both knew we were even, so I figured I'd bring the honeys in to finish him off. We all vigorously worked his meaty cock and balls in such a frenzy he moaned and groaned until he shot his hefty load into our hands. Revenge has never been so fun. ;) See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Holly : Anal Pounding

VAnal Pounding

This is the second video I shot with MasterLane (you can find out more on the ExtremeGirlForum.com message board). He's a lifetime member who flew in from California and spent 24 hours with me and my crew. The first night he fucked my face in scene #93 then the next day he violated my tight asshole over and over. If you've read my journals, you know how long it took my ass to recover from that pounding. Anyhow, hope you enjoy it as much and we did making it! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Erin & T-Biz

VErin & T-Biz

Two industry pros are here folks. Erin is a little Barbie doll with perfect tits and one hell of an ass. T-Biz is one big black stud with a 9" pipe who the chicks in the industry die to work with. These two hotties get down to business and Erin's face ends up looking like a glazed donut in exactly 19:25. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Hot Campus Teens : Katie Lane

VKatie Lane

It didn't take Katie long to figure out there was something amiss with her "interview;" as soon as she spotted the cum stains on the chair in CJ's room, she had a feeling this wasn't a typical documentary. Luckily for CJ, Katie hadn't cum nice and hard for a long time, so she eagerly offered up her holes for a serious pounding! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Her First DP : Amy Brooks

VAmy Brooks

It could have been the worst day of Amy's life when a repo man and an IRS agent showed up at her house simultaneously. Fortunately for Amy, she was able to negotiate an alternate form of payment.... See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Holly : Fucking Hair Brush

VFucking Hair Brush

I was getting ready for Master Lane to fuck my ass till I couldn't walk any more (and believe me he did!) and was feeling horny. So while I was brushing my hair, I thought I would see what it fells like to masturbate with a hair brush. The handle felt so good inside my freshly shaved pussy that I think next time I may try and fuck the end with the bristles! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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CFNM Max : Job Interview

VJob Interview

I saw a job opening for a delivery man one day for a very successful Chinese restaurant. This is a restaurant I frequented, not only because the food is good, but the chicks are HOT. There were three ladies who managed the restaurant and I knew they would probably be the ones that would be doing the interviews for the job opening. The ad asked specifically for a Chinese applicant. I'm white, but I didn't care. Without hesitation, I phoned them and made an appointment for an interview. I showed up right on time, and came into the room to see the three very beautiful ladies that I'd wanted to see.They immediately took notice of the fact that I wasn't Asian. "Ah! Ah! Wait a minute... we asked for a Chinese boy." One of them exclaimed. Fearing that they may dismiss me, I decided to take the opportunity to flaunt both my knowledge of their menu items as well as my fluency in the Chinese language.The boss lady was impressed and explained what their restaurant was looking for in an employee."We would like you to stand up please. Okay we are very concerned with image. We are very selective of people that we pick. Is there anything on your body? Anything we should know about?" I knew she meant tattoos, so I showed her some skin to prove I didn't have flesh graffiti. They had me take my shirt off and asked me more questions. All of a sudden they wanted me to act like a dog. The ladies had me remove my pants and get on all fours... I wasn't sure if this was normal to them or what, but I really wanted to please these ladies, so I did just as they said. "Get your dick hard." One of the ladies demanded. I stood up and wasted no time in pulling on my cock for them. I was led around behind the desk where the ladies beganjerking my cock. They spoke to me about the job requirements, I was very surprised to know that the delivery job included hand jobs from customers. Who the hell would pass that up? All three ladies were jacking me off and massaging my balls and rubbing up against me. The boss lady walked behind me and did the old 'reach around'. I couldn't stop bucking my hips, these ladies were so fucking hot. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, and when I did, I exploded everywhere. The ladies pretty much threw me out, after that. I didn't get the delivery job, but at least I got a hand job See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Girl Network : Crazy Bitch Object Gangbang

VCrazy Bitch Object Gangbang

It's probably easier to just watch what this crazy slut takes in her fuck holes, but here goes: wheelbarrow, shovel, green poles, axe, wooden sticks and two dicks. She takes one hell of a beating but loves every minute of it. It's hard to tell if she likes the cocks or the objects better, so they make sure she gets plenty of both. And lots of cum at the end too. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Holly : Brutal Face-Fuck

VBrutal Face-Fuck

This is the first of two videos I made with a member from California, who goes by MasterLane on our ExtremeGirlForum. He flew in a few weeks ago and was more excited than words can describe that he got to fuck my face. He got me so close to puking in the bathtub a few times and really beat the crap out of my face too - take a look at how rough and real the slapping is! Remeber guys, this can be you next time if you fly to Arizona to meet up with me... See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Alex : Spit Swap With Holly

VSpit Swap With Holly

This scene was originally on Extreme Holly's site, but it became so popular and so in demand she let me put it on my site too! Holly and I spit swap and things get so crazy, we put the spit in a glass and I drìnk it down! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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