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Extreme Alex : Masturbation


I was lying out on my balcony sun bathing when I got the urge to masturbate, so I came inside and barely made it past the door when I couldn't wait anymore. Amazing how hard you can cum with a vibrator! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Holly : Big Boobs

VBig Boobs

We shot this a few months back and I almost forgot about it! I did this while I was waiting for Bunny to come outside and keep me company. So anyhow, I took in some sun and rubbed my pussy under water. Well I hope you like watching my huge titties glistening in the sun! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Blow Job Races : Melanie & Mark

VMelanie & Mark

Melanie is a hot, tattooed slut with an innocent face and fake 32D size tits. We pair her up with quite a dork from Wisconsin, Mark who prefers to be called "Karma". Every three minutes Karma can't get off, we make him do squats while Melanie does crunches (what a body on her!). He finally sprays her face with cum in 16:00 minutes. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Girl Network : Audrey Fucks Everything

VAudrey Fucks Everything

Audrey sucks and fucks every vegetable and piece of meat in the kitchen including her boyfriend before they make dinner for the parents. This insane bitch takes up to three sausages up her ass at a time, a chicken thigh, cobs of corn, roots, cucumbers, and Dp's herself with vegetables and huge sausage meats while fucking and sucking her boyfriend around the kitchen. Tons of double penetration, rough anal, atm, triple penetration and Audrey eats a huge cumload in the end. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Hot Campus Teens : Kelley Rose

VKelley Rose

Kelly says she uses guys all the time -- now it's time to turn the tables on her. Roped in by the tried and true "interview about campus life" trick, this naughty blond is about to get a sex education primer she'll never forget! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Her First DP : Madison Parker

VMadison Parker

Audrey and Otto expose Madison to the wonders of double penetration. One cock + one dildo = countless orgasms! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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CFNM Max : Naked Self Defense

VNaked Self Defense

I was shocked to have learned one afternoon that one of my babe friends Jenna had been jumped by a robber. News like that always makes me very paranoid because I'm a babe with a small frame. I wouldn't know the first thing about protecting myself. So when Vicki suggested we call up a self defense instructor, I immediately agreed we give it a shot. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed their number. Just like that, we made an appointment and he was on his way over. We both eagerly awaited his arrival. An hour later, the instructor knocked on the door.We weren't prepared to see a buck nakedguy with a hot woman accompanying him, though."Hi - WOAH! Hey! Hi" I said. "Hi How're you doin'?" He replied "Good, how are you? You're naked!" I was so nervous about this but I was quickly re-assured. "It's TOTALLY normal, don't worry about it. Come on!" The woman urged. I figured okay, this should be very interesting. He introduced himself to Joy and I as Elliott. The woman's name we learned was Rachel, same name as mine! Elliott wanted to know why we needed defense classes, so we explained that our friend was robbed.So Rachel wanted to begin the session right away. She taught us a technique we could use if a guy were coming at us with a knife. We were very impressed with her skills and were eager to learn more. She encouraged me to try it so I stood up and attempted to imitate exactly what she did. Joy was next and kind of fumbled it so she tried again with not much of an improvement. After a couple of more techniques, the instructor began getting hard. Much to our surprise Rachel knelt and started milking his cock right in front of us!! At first, we didn't know what to think, but she insisted it was apart of the program, so we sat and watched. I wanted to participate."Can we help?" I asked. They said sure, so I scrambled to my knees beside Rachel and began jerking off his cock. Joy was a little shy at first but she eventually came over and helped us work his stiff dick. All three of us were spitting on his groin, lubricating his cock and balls. Elliott wanted us to go faster, so faster we went, the more he moaned the quicker our hand strokes were. We all gave each other coy smiles as he ejaculated all over us. "So, do you all definitely want to do the advanced course?" Rachel asked us."Absolutely!" We exclaimed. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Holly : Baseball Bat

VBaseball Bat

There is a great story behind this scene. One of my long-time members, Matthew from New York, sent me an authentic Yankees jersey and asked if I'd do a solo for him and fuck a baseball bat. Of course I agreed and so here is what we put together for him. Watch me take as much of it in my pussy as I can and also I know you'll LOVE watching me titty-fuck the bat with my huge F-cup tits. So pretend the bat is your cock and enjoy the video! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Girl Network : Asain Pussy Punishment

VAsain Pussy Punishment

Asian cockwhore gets her pussy pumped up with oxygen mask. Then she deepthroats to get the guy's dick hard for him to fuck her. But he decides to fuck her with two baseball bats instead. Then he plunders her asshole with his cock and a massive dong and finishes it all off by cumming in her wide open mouth. See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Extreme Holly : Voyeurism


I thought I was alone so I was surfing on my friend tASSy's site and started rubbing myself since she's so beautiful (she's my busty pink-haired friend in some of my party pics from Crazy Life section). Anyhow, turns out there was a pervert filming me from my front window. Luckily I noticed him eventually and called the police who responded quickly enough to find him in the parking lot. I filed a report and they were nice enough to let me have everything he filmed and shot of me... talk about weird! See the full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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